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                          The Safety Pin Cycle

                                                     By: Patrice Thompson

A safety pin! To some it just a simple tool to hold articles to together, but to me it is a great example to how our body functions.

Our body is uniquely and wonderfully made to function at 100% in the absence of nerve interference. What is nerve interference?? Let’s take a step back in order to understand nerve interference, you must first understand how the body functions. Signals from your brain sends signals down your spinal cord and out the nerves to every single cell, tissue and organ in your body. This occurs without fail when the spine is in its normal position (straight from back and 3 perfect curves from the side). When the spine moves out of its normal position it pinches and causes damage to spinal cord and nerves. This is called a subluxation, which causes nerve interference.

So now that we know what nerve interference is, how does a safety pin explain this complex neurological interaction? Good question! Well, a close safety pin represents a well-adjusted body that is in a state of “ease” due to circuit between the brain and the body is functioning properly. Thus, allows your nervous system to reach its true potential = true health. A open safety pin represents a state of “dis-ease” in which those messages are intercepted  enroute to the body.  To reconnect the brain and body it is the job of your chiropractor to detect and remove subluxations that are interfering with you reaching your full potential.

You have only one body treat it and arm it well. When is the last time you have had your nervous system checked

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