25 Things You Didnt Know About Dr. Thompson


  1. I really don’t like talking about myself, I rather boost up and talk about others.
  2. My son was born in December because my husband and I planned it that way so he will have an edge when it comes to sports and little league registration dates. We are sports junkies!!
  3. I was two sport athlete in High School which included basketball and track. The latter earned me a scholarship to Clemson University.
  4. I was the Wisconsin State Track Champion in 400m and 4x400m relay.
  5. I am addicted to Peanut Butter!
  6. I love running, but now I am allergic to it. A month after running competitively in college, I started havinh exercise induced hives when I run.
  7. I met my Husband at Clemson, where we had the same circle of friends but never met until my junior year. We have now been together 9 years and married for four!
  8. I have lived in 5 states during my childhood, but moved six times all in the Midwest region.
  9. Reese Pieces are my all-time favorite candy so much that my mom bought tons of bags for a high school graduation present. No, I do not share! (HINT HINT: Great Birthday present March 24th can’t come soon enough!)
  10. My brother and I look like TWINS but we are two years apart.
  11.  When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I was having boy before we learned the gender because I had a dream before I found out I was pregnant that he would be a boy.
  12. I love all things about HEALTH, most of all I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC.
  13. I won homecoming queen in high school despite being one of less than 20 minority students in the school.
  14. I am deathly afraid of heights, so roller coasters are out of the question! Last time my husband forced me to get on one I cried like a baby.
  15. Because of my fear of heights, when I ride planes I only sit in aisle seats and try to fall asleep before takeoff.
  16. I dream of going to Paris, Italy and Dubai.
  17. My main purpose in practice is to change the mindset of my community and to encourage them to make health a priority for their family.
  18. God is the reason I can write all these things and we are constantly growing our relationship.
  19. I love dogs and got my first one as a senior in college.
  20. I took piano lessons as a kid but when I found track it was “all she wrote.”
  21. I have a “brown thumb,” I have killed a bamboo plant, but I am great at growing a garden!
  22. I love my Touch of Life Family Chiropractic patients as family and I am blessed that they trust me with their health.
  23. I love being a mother and dream of having a car load of children, but I refuse to drive a mini-van.
  24. My favorite dessert is banana pudding.
  25. Steve Harvey is a person I would love to meet!


  1. I became a Chiropractor because post-graduation I started experiencing painful headaches and back pain that were not getting better over time. I went to Dr. Caz Goodman who not only explained to me the importance of chiropractic care for my health, but helped relieve the pain that was completely gone after a couple visits. That experience happened in 2008 and I have been regularly adjusted ever since. Shortly after that, I applied to Chiropractic school instead of pursuing my degree in Physical Therapy.
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