Auto Accidents & Personal Injury

No Insurance…..  No Problem

We require no upfront or out of pocket expenses on some cases

Most insurances are accepted

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a car accident , your first priority should be to receive proper medical treatment. Even if you’ve been released from the Emergency Room, you should call Atlanta's Personal Injury Chiropractor - Touch of Life Family Chiropractic Immediately.

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Auto accidents can cause hidden injuries that can develop into pain, headaches, and arthritis. Most people who have been involved in an auto accidents may not even know that they've been hurt. Dr. Thompson approach is to use specific chiropractic adjustment in addition to therapeutics exercise to restore spinal motion to create optimal functioning of the body. If caught early, inflammation can be reduced and scar tissue can often be minimized.

How Will I Afford Treatment?

If you have been in an auto accident it is important you call the office as soon as possible. If you have reported the accident to your insurance company and have a claim number we will bill them directly for all the services. Dr. Thompson recommends you seek legal counsel after an auto accident so that you are treated fairly by the insurance companies.  If an attorney has accepted your case, we can work with you on a lien basis which means we will get paid when you have accepted a settlement.

What to Expect on First Visit

  • A full examination to determine the extent of your injuries

  • Then Dr. Thompson will start treating your injuries, to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and to prevent long term injuries

  • A suggested treatment plan will be discussed for optimum healing

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