What to Expect

Beginning with your first visit,  the team at Touch of Family Chiropractic will conduct a complete examination, including a health history check, free benefits check, and a neurological evaluation.  This initial examination will be followed by a recommendation for x-rays (if needed).  This information will be utilized by Dr. Thompson to help determine the root cause of your visit to the office.  On the next appointment, you will attend a Principled Doctors Report of Finding that will provide an understanding of the science behind chiropractic.  During this session, Dr. Thompson will provide you with valuable insight into health and what to expect as you begin care in the office.  You will also be provided with the results of your initial exam and assessment, along with a recommendation for your care.  Dr. Thompson will then begin your chiropractic care plan in order to begin naturally restoring your true health. 

For individuals who have encounter personal injuries from automobile accidents, workers comp, or slip and fall cases, Touch of Life Family Chiropractic serves as one of the premier personal injury chiropractic offices in Atlanta.  Dr. Thompson works with her personal injury patients to ensure they have an opportunity for optimal healing.  Our team will work with your legal council to ensure your case has all of the proper documents and results for insurance and legal purposes.



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